You can now buy Seinfeld’s apartment – in miniature

Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment on “Seinfeld”

From the New York site: For many, Jerry Seinfeld’s TV apartment on his eponymous show is the iconic New York City dwelling. In 2015, fans had the chance to walk inside a recreation of Jerry’s Upper West Side abode. But what are true devotees of the show to do now when they need a Seinfeld real estate fix? Buy a $400 model, of course.

Artist Alan Wolfson has teamed up with the original production designer of “Seinfeld,” Thomas Azzari, to replicate Jerry’s apartment in miniature – 27 years after the show premiered.

It has “100 unique miniature elements-including the furniture, bicycle on the wall, lighting fixtures and even a working version of Jerry’s front door.”

Wolfson is currently accepting pre-orders and he’s asking $399.99 each. Considering the actual cost of an apartment like Seinfeld’s on the Upper West Side today, it’s a steal.  [Gothamist] Christopher Cameron


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