Free! Complete 2017 Florida Monthly Tide Charts Available Online

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Florida Sportsman is proud to announce the online availability of exclusive wave-form tide charts for the entire year. Charts for all six tidal regions of the state may be viewed or printed from the “Resources” pulldown menu on the front page of or the direct link There is no charge for this service. “It’s one more way we can help all anglers and boaters enjoy the amazing waterways of coastal Florida,” said Florida Sportsman Publisher Blair Wickstrom.

This is the format popularized by the Florida Sportsman Fishing Planner series of guides, published and sold annually for almost 25 years. Changes in distribution, printing and readership patterns prompted the publishing company this year to discontinue the print edition of the Planner, said Wickstrom, “but the Florida Sportsman staff is committed to providing tide services and other resources our readers can use.”

Some exclusive features of the Tide Charts include fish icons indicating days of strongest tidal flow, moon phases, and times of sunrise and sunset. For boaters unfamiliar with Florida tides, certain sections of the coastline share rhythms of tides-the Mayport (northeast Florida) and Miami (southeast) regions, for example, have semidiurnal tides, with two highs and two lows per day. The Gulf coast and southern Keys, on the other hand, see complex tide schedules influenced by basin characteristics and diurnal rhythms. Additionally, the timing of highs and lows may differ quite a bit from those of waters nearest the ocean, to those of inshore backwaters. The FS Tide Charts include special correction tables, showing how many hours and minutes to add or subtract for important inland waters.

Data for the annual Florida Sportsman Tide Charts comes, as always, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which maintains tide stations around the U.S. coastline, and whose staff and computer models present annual predictions based on a number of factors. Florida Sportsman takes the data and converts it into the easily understood wave form. A fisherman wanting to know the days of afternoon high tides in the fall, for instance, can quickly find those by scanning the respective month’s charts for his area.

“Fishing guides have long been strong customers for the print Planner,” said Wickstrom. “Now everyone, anywhere, can access this valuable resource to plan their days on the water. Print the charts for your area, save them as image files on your cell phone, share them with your friends. This year, it’s on the house.”


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