On the scene at 88 Hundred Collins’ sales launch: PHOTOS

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‘Tis the season for new condo projects in Miami. Case in point: Developers Leonardo Ambard and Salvador Di Ludovico just held a private cocktail fête to commemorate the sales launch of their 88 Hundred Collins in Surfside.

Held at South Beach’s Cibo Wine Bar, the party drew roughly 200 brokers and their guests who showed up to preview the boutique 28-unit project and meet its developers. Some of the party’s notable attendees included Duff Rubin, regional senior vice president for Coldwell Banker, along with Hillary and Danny Hertzberg from the brokerage’s eponymous Jills broker team.

The project is slated to be built on the corner of 8800 Collins Avenue, which Ambard and Ludovico assembled over the past two years for $4.75 million. It’s expected to break ground next year with a completion date set for mid-year 2018. Asking prices range from $695,000 for a one-bedroom loft with 1,150 square feet to just under $2 million for a three-bedroom “sky home” on the upper floors with 3,400 square feet.

Coldwell Banker is handling preconstruction sales for the development. 88 Hundred Collins is one of several new condo projects underway in Surfside, a once sleepy beachfront town that’s seen a building boom over the past two years. Among the largest projects: the Surf Club Four Seasons and the recently completed Fendi Chateau– Sean Stewart-Muniz


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