On the scene at 1 Hotel & Homes’ New York holiday bash: PHOTOS

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To celebrate the quickly approaching winter season, Douglas Elliman and the developers of 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach escaped the perennially hot Miami and headed to New York City.

Richard LeFrak and a gaggle of Elliman agents recently gathered at the brokerage’s Madison Avenue gallery to schmooze, drink champagne and check out 1 Hotel & Homes’ collection of 18 penthouses up for grabs.

Notable guests included Elliman Chairman Howard Lorber, tastemakers like Gigi Grimstad and philanthropists such as Audrey Gruss. The night-time soirée also served as a book signing for event planner David Monn’s new novel “The Art of Celebrating.”

Finished last year by LeFrak and Barry Sternlicht’s Starwood Capital, 1 Hotel & Homes is a combination condo and hotel property that was the first of its brand to be built. The 1 Hotel portfolio, now three properties strong, is being marketed for sale north of $800 million. – Sean Stewart-Muniz


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