FS Project Dreamboat – Season One Recap


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The owner of Marine Customs Unlimited, Brian O’Donnell and Florida Sportsman Boating Editor Dave East, revisit some of the most memorable builds and projects of this season of Project Dreamboat.


For more information on Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat and to watch full episodes online in Full HD, visit www.floridasportsman.com/fspd.


Taylor Mason's 23 Seacraft project, suited for bottom fishing in the Keys.


This bass boat glitter paint repair job was a learning experience, still, for the master painter at MCU.


Brian O'Donnell's favorite custom dreamboat, a 31 Bertram stretched to 35 feet.


Neils Gregory's 25 Contenter is clean and simple, but fits his need to be under the surface to a tee.


Jamie DeSantiago's classic Hewes strikes a chord with flats fisherman from all over.


Royce Brooker's custom built 15 Hobie Power Skiff has all the amenities of a larger boat, tailored into just 15 feet.


The Sea Hunt


Rick Weinstein's 25 Hydra-Sports dream build.


Lee Ford's classic 22 Mako restoration.


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