You Ate a Boat?

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What happens when you catch a tagged redfish, which is part of the CCA STAR fishing tournament, and eat it instead of being a registered CCA STAR member, you eat a boat. If instead of fishing for dinner if the Williams family had registered for the tournament, $35 on top of their CCA membership, instead of a fish dinner they would have won a Yamaha powered Contender 22 Sport. They caught tagged redfish FL 317 which was 25.90inches. The father caught him at the Jetties off the base of Mayport. They had never heard of CCA or STAR. They were a military family that enjoys fishing. Being they were fishing for dinner, this family took the fish home. They will be registering after today knowing they lost the chance to win a Contender boat.


Also, catching a tagged redfish, but not winning the 22 Contender was an unlucky angler from Crystal River. On 2:52pm Sunday 6.19.16, STAR received another call about a tagged redfish being caught. STAR could verify CCA membership for the angler, but not tournament registration. When asked, he believed he was both as he launched from The Plantation Inn. They were adamant that if he was fishing anywhere in the Gulf he needed to be a CCA member and registered for STAR. He called his wife and asked his wife to get him register for STAR and make him a CCA member that morning. Unfortunately, she only made him a CCA member and the son, in finding that his mom did not get STAR registration done, registered the father after the fish had already been caught. This fish was also harvested. TAG 868.


To sign up for STAR click here:


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