Second Star Tagged Redfish Caught!

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Not to be outdone, West Coast anglers fired back catching a 2016 STAR Tagged Redfish of their own! See it can happen to you!


Captain Damian Picciano of Siesta Key Sportfishing Charters guided an angler on vacation from Missouri to this prized catch while fishing in Sarasota Bay. Captain Damian was familiar with STAR so he took the information from the tag and released the fish.


Had the tournament already started and both Captain and client were both CCA members and registered for STAR they both would have brought down some insane prizes. The client would be driving home a brand new GMC truck and the Captain would be the proud new owner of a 150 HP Yamaha Outboard!


We bet that Capt. Picciano will be registered before Saturday and that every one of his clients will be too!


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