Dorado 25

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The new hull design, with an integrated step, is the biggest feature that stands out on the Dorado 25. It’s somewhat of a departure from the hull shape that the company is best known for, but they did keep true to their heritage with the low freeboard, flat transom and Porta Bracket-mounted outboard. The interior layout resembles the smaller 23-foot and larger 30-foot and includes a recessed forward casting deck that gives you the secure feeling of having a coaming pad to lean against while standing at the bow. Storage under the bow casting deck has a removable fiberglass compartment. Aft are twin in-deck fish boxes and a large live baitwell, center mounted on the transom. The lower sheer line also allows for a bow-mounted trolling motor. Blue water in length with the ability to access the backcountry.


Dorado Boats


720 Florida Ave


Palm Harbor, FL 34683





Dorado 25 Specifications


LOA: 25 feet


Beam: 8 feet, 4 inches


Max HP: 400


Hull Weight: 3,500


MSRP: $89,700 w/ 300hp



The Dorado 25 has a clean open layout that allows multiple anglers the ability to fish offshore and the backcountry all in the same day.


The aft live baitwell holds 65-gallons and has a clear Plexiglas lid so you can keep an eye on your bait.


A removable locking starboard panel protects your electronics from the elements and helps to keep them secure while the boat is unattended.


The bow casting deck is raised slightly from the cockpit sole. Enough to gain a bit of height but still keep you in the boat so you can lean against the coming pad.


The cockpit has two built-in fish boxes and a large hatch for bilge access. A live baitwell is built into the stern bulkhead.


The leaner seat, aft of the helm, has storage under the cushion and room below for a cooler.


The face of the console is recessed and has plenty of room for flush-mounted electronics and engine gauges. It also has a switch panel with breakers.


There is a lot of deck space forward of the center console and a raised bow casting deck.


The bow has a raised toe rail, anchor locker and is low enough to the water to allow a bow-mounted trolling motor.


Two built-in storage compartments are forward of the console. The compartment in the bow casting deck has a removable fiberglass bin.


A high-tech cooler, mounted forward of the center console, doubles as a seat. The backrest folds down to gain you access to the console wiring.


The bow is large enough for these three anglers to fight a triple hookup.


The transom is flat and uses a Port-A-Bracket for mounting the outboard. This gives the boat exceptional shallow water agility.


Dorado 25


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