Blazer 675 Ultimate Bay

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If you want a bay boat to run at bass boat type speeds, then this hull with a high-performance pad bottom will give you the exhilaration you’re looking for. The sleek hull design is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it has the completely flat deck you would normally associate with a flats boat but the higher freeboard that bay boats are noted for. The lower console and conforming helm seats let you comfortably drive from a seated position which is a good thing in a boat that can reach 70 MPH. The 12 inch wide gunnels are perfect for an angler moving fore and aft, fighting a big fish. Hatches on the decks open to dry storage and a live baitwell. An additional hatch in the floor is for castnet storage.


Blazer Bay Boats


3300 Bill Metzger Ln


Pensacola, FL 32514





Blazer 675 Ultimate Bay Specifications


LOA: 22 feet


Beam: 8 feet, 4 inches


Max HP: 200


Hull Weight: 1,800 pounds


MSRP: $54,150 w/ 250hp



This is a bay boat that can double as a family cruiser.


The running pad, built into the hull bottom, allows this bay boat to perform more like a bass boat with a top end speed above 70 MPH.


The backrest for the stern seating is removable to give you more fishing room.


The baitwell plumbing is clean and each pump has a seacock shutoff valve.


The large forward casting deck has plenty of room for two anglers.


Even though this is considered a bay boat, the 675 Ultimate Bay has a flush deck that is normally found only on flats boats.


Blazer 675 Ultimate Bay


Below the forward casting deck is an anchor locker and two dry storage compartments with large fiberglass hatches held open by stainless steel rams.


Aft of the bow deck, in the cockpit sole, is a storage compartment perfect for a castnet and bucket.


High back bucket seats swivel 180degrees and are more secure for running than a traditional leaner.


Under each gunnel are horizontal rod holders.


A center hatch, on the stern casting deck, lifts out of the way for easy access to pumps and fuel filter.


Under the stern casting deck is a storage compartment plus port and center plumbed live baitwells.


The dash of the center console is laid out perfectly for flush mounted electronics and includes a storage compartment and drink holders.


The center console is raked back for a sleek look, which is comfortable to drive from. It includes handrails and vertical rod holders.


Comfortable seating for four gives each passenger a secure place to sit while running at high speeds.


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