Ankona Cayenne 17

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If you want the super shallow water access of a technical poling skiff but need the ability to cross a large expanse of open water, this hull design incorporates a V entry and higher freeboard for a comfortable ride. The deadrise tapers back to zero degrees to the stern to maintain skinny water abilities. An integrated tunnel lets you run the outboard higher on the transom for less draft while underway. The interior layout has wide walk-around gunnels and a large completely flat forward casting deck. The aft deck hatches lift to access two dry storage compartments, one that can be plumbed for a 20-galon live baitwell, a feature not typically found on a technical poling skiff. The boat can be configured as a tiller, center or side console.


Ankona Boats


2310 N. Old Dixie Hwy


Ft. Pierce, FL 34946


(772) 579-7214



Ankona Cayenne 17 Specifications


LOA: 16 feet, 11 inches


Beam: 6 feet, 11 inches


Max hp: 40 tiller/60 remote


Hull Weight: 450 pounds


MSRP: $20,180



It doesn't take much horsepower to get great performance out of this lightweight hull.


The design of the hull runs well in choppy conditions while keeping you dry.


Forward of the center console is a technical cooler that doubles as a passenger seat, complete with backrest.


Ankona Cayenne 17


Fly fishermen will appreciate the snag-free deck and wide walk-around gunnels.


There's plenty of room on the stern casting deck for two anglers to sit side by side.


Under the forward casting deck is additional storage plus the fuel tank to help balance the CG.


Under the gunnels are horizontal rod holders that can accept a 9 foot fly rod. It's also a good place to store a stickpin type anchor.


The stern casting deck lifts up to access a double compartment for dry storage or one could be plumbed as a live baitwell.


Aft of the stern cushion is a fold-up backrest that is attached to the poling platform. It makes long runs more comfortable and flips up out of the way while fishing.


The cockpit is large enough to accommodate two anglers with plenty of gear for the day and the wide gunnels let you fight a fish 360 degrees.


The design of the hull drafts very little water and tracks straight, so it's a breeze to pole.


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